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Experience Points!

What you need to know about XP

Seeing as this is a system, there is what we call a reward system, the experience points. If you roleplay to your character’s strengths and weaknesses, you get awarded points at the end of every session. (Accumulation of points will of course be tracked and tabulated by yours truly, and I’ll have it up for you guys to keep track on.) I will note and tag you in every end of sessions and tell your point earnings and how you got them.

Experience points to dot conversion:

Attribute : 5 Experiences per dot
Merit : 5 Experience per dot
Skill : 3 Experiences per dot
Skill Specialty : 2 Experiences

Ways to earn Experience Points:

  • 1 point — Automatic. Each player gets one point for participating in an RP session.
  • 1 point — Learning Curve. Ask the roleplayer what his character learned during the current RP’s events. (I’ll make this a weekly thing, post a question or like a topic related to the RP that you guys can expound with from your character’s point of view)
  • 1 point — Roleplaying. The roleplayer did a good job of portraying his/her character, either entertainingly, appropriately, or both. If he veered too far from his character’s concept, the point might not be given. Indeed, superlative roleplaying might be worth two points.
  • 1 point — Heroism. Characters who rise to the occasion with truly heroic actions or feats of survival and sheer persistence deserve a point. Do not reward characters who act in stupid or self-destructive ways just so they can gain the accolades of the hero.
  • 1 point — Success. The characters achieved all or part of their goals for that certain RP session. (This will be evaluated per day)
  • 1 point — Danger. The characters survived against harsh odds and grave dangers. (Encounters with bosses are higher XP)
  • 1 point — Wisdom. The roleplayer, and thus his/her character, devised a brilliant plan or came up with a spontaneous solution that enabled the group to survive or succeed when it might have failed.



Good morning! :)

Truly excited to play the game. Goodness! It appears that gaining experience will require a level of dedication and hard work. I hope to excel as the game progresses.

It seems that we have a potential of earning about 5-7 experience points per session. May I please ask, could you please share tips on increasing our potential earning of experience points?

I’d like to maximize each campaign. I’ve read a term used named “beat.” Once we have 5 beats, we may exchange them for an experience point. Hihihi!

Experience Points!

Beats are for those that take Conditions and Tilts (and seeing as it’s optional I didn’t bother to discuss it anymore haha) but yes, a Beat is related to the roleplay, and those that use Tilts or Conditions during the session can have that converted. ^^

Also, do note that it is in the GM’s discretion on the amount of XP to give each player. If I saw that all the players cooperated and had fun, I can give like 20 XP on one session, like a one time big time thing. xD It really depends on how well you guys portray your characters. ^^

Experience Points!

Thank you! This is really helpful. I’ll do my best to portray Frail and her wonderful story. I’ll have fun as well. Hihihi!

Experience Points!

I have a suggestion. Maybe you can post the campaign here (like how it should start/essential stuff to happen/stuff to clarify) before the start of the exploration in each session.

That way, when we arrive in the dice room, we’ll have a clear idea of what to do. If I’m not mistaken, I think you can post it here.

It’d be so cool ’cause we can add our comments before, during and after each campaign/session.

Though, I’m not sure about the limits here since there are certain limits when it comes to technical stuff like using the forums (as you’ve mentioned).

Experience Points!

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