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The Kickstarter Session: Prologue RECAP

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GothicPanda (Father Nick and Deegan)
JD (Kael)
Shorty (Frail)
GM Martian (Clarence, NPC)

Prologue: Chaos Is Coming

The story starts somewhere in the far distant future. Space travel has become a norm and mortals have explored the vastness of other worlds. Travel is done with ships (like the ones in Treasure Planet for reference) and ports have come in existence for exchange of goods and trade and provide various businesses and livelihood for many races from different worlds.

One of the space ports known in this galaxy is Sector 81. Pangaeic, similar to the First Earth’s tectonic plate, it held a population by the thousands, and ships of many sizes carry cargo and bring people from that port to different ports. The port has three main parts: the local taverns, docks, and the marketplace.

It was day, normal with its usual hustle and bustle, as the place came alive with routinary activities. Docks were fully ported, people coming in and out of ships from everywhere. In the midst of it all, a mysterious hooded figure coming from the marketplace made its way towards one of the local taverns. During that time, a man named Kael waited for his wife, Disori, to appear while he just got out of a ship in the docks. Meanwhile, a clergyman, Father Nick, and his servant Deegan, went in one of the taverns where the hooded figure stayed. Also, a young woman named Frail, roamed the marketplace.

The hooded figure took notice of the priest’s presence, and attempted to read his aura. The priest, however, sensed something, and noticed the hooded figure. The hooded figure gave an ominous warning for the holy man to leave, while he still had the chance.

Suddenly, screams were heard in the marketplace, and people, apparently panicked by something, were running away from the marketplace and began making their way to the docks in a rush. Kael noticed the fear in the mobs, as he realized the flow of the mob to the docks, and was swept with the incoming crowd. Frail, as she was in the marketplace, went against the flow to investigate the source of the panic. As soon as she got close enough, she spotted a massive black hole at the center of the marketplace growing at terrible rates, sucking and devouring everything in its path. Frail, realizing the danger, bolted away.

Father Nick heard the commotion outside the tavern, and looked out to see winds picking up and people running toward the docks. The hooded figure, for reasons unknown, went to the old priest and warned him again. The priest took heed and sent his man, Deegan, to look for a vessel, and Kael, who happened to be in the area, climbed on to the vessel in a desperate attempt to look for his wife, as well as hotwiring the ship.

The ships took off, but the gravity of the black hole was becoming rather massive, causing the ships to be dragged and helplessly devoured by the dark chasm. One of the ships, the one where Kael’s wife Disori was in, was taken, but not before Kael saw his wife, and the ship she was in, sucked in the vortex right before his very eyes.

Frail managed to get to the docks, and spotting the vessel that the priest, the hooded figure, and Kael were in, she took a jump and got on the ship. However, the ship was getting dragged into the vortex as well, and it seemed all was lost, when suddenly… darkness.

The group, realizing that they weren’t in the port anymore, began looking for clues and demanded answers. The hooded figure finally spoke. The hooded figure called itself Clarence, a sorcerer, and sent the ship to its own Shadow Sanctum, which took a toll in its physical form. Clarence spoke ominously, of Chaos.

“Fate, the Cosmos… the Chaos… they are imbalanced.”

“…I happen to know that the worlds as we know it, is crumbling. Chaos is taking over. We must stop it. We must strike a balance.”

The group was wary and had mixed feelings of the news given by the sorcerer. Kael was mourning for his loss, Father Nick was suspicious of the heathen magic, and Frail was quiet, but reacted slightly to the word Fate.

Clarence continued, saying that they must stop Chaos somehow. Restore order by finding anomalies in the universe, and perhaps find a way to talk to the agents of Cosmos. Father Nick suggested a trip to the Vatican Church on Earth 1. After that, Clarence returned them to the real plane, and all was seen, were stars. The port was no more.

“The chaos has receded, but it will return.” Clarence muttered ominously.

And so, reluctant and unsure, the banded individuals began to move towards Earth 1.



Kael: 1 auto for attendance, 1 Learning Curve, 1 for good roleplaying, 1 Heroism, 1 Danger = 5 XP
Nick: 1 auto for attendance, 1 Learning Curve, 1 for good roleplaying, 1 Heroism, 1 Danger, 1 Wisdom = 6 XP
Frail: 1 auto for attendance, 1 Learning Curve, 1 for good roleplaying, 1 Heroism, 1 Danger = 5 XP



For further details on last week’s session interactions, check out JD’s online excel file:


Oooooooor you can check the logs in the official dice room.


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Interesting! The latest round was so much fun! We did it! I hope we continue to survive. Hihihi!


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