Frail Lumina

Secret Sorceress


RP Character Name: Frail Lumina
Age: Youthful and appears to be of teenage years despite being more mature than her initial appearance. She is now 22 years old.
Mortal or Immortal: Mortal
Character Concept: Enigmatic Enchantress Restoring Life and Light Through Her Presence & Potency
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Vice: Deceptive
Virtue: Courageous
Player Name: Frail Lumina
RP Chronicle: Where To Now?
Group/Campaign: The Alliance

Intelligence: ••••
Wits: •
Resolve: •••

Strength: •
Dexterity: ••••
Stamina: ••

Presence: •
Manipulation: •
Composure: ••••

Mental Skills
Academics: •••
Medicine: ••••
Occult: ••••

Medicine: Emergency Care, Physical Therapy, Healing Wounds

Physical Skills
Athletics: ••
Brawl: •
Stealth: ••••

Social Skills
Animal Ken:
Empathy: ••
Subterfuge: ••
Size: Human (Adult)
Health: ••••••••• (9 as of now)
Initiative: •••••••• (8 as of now)
Willpower: ••••••• (7 as of now)
Psychokinesis (Cryokinesis): •••
Thief of Fate: •••
Beacon of Life: •••
Gatekeeper: ••••


Primary: Bow and Arrows

Secondary: Firearms

Character Background/Backstory:
Light as The Night. Dark as The Day. Never sure which would guide her way. Frail Lumina: The Orphan Who Lived in Peculiar Places.

Her first family abandoned her in favor of riches beyond their dizziest dreams. And on that very day, Luck witnessed the immense imbalance that would soon bring uneventful uncertainty to all beings’ fates, both the Mortal and Immortal.

From then on, Fortune itself sought to right the wrongdoings of everyone who’d abandoned her. Luck would be her sole source of happiness.

However, mysterious misfortunes always found their way into her life. Curious conundrums were never too far behind.

As years passed, she learned of the secrets shrouding her. She began having hazy hints of Fate.

Whether it was her own or of her own doing she will not know… until the day of the prophecy comes true.

What will the future bring for this little light? Will she illuminate the darkness and save her friends? Or will Darkness prove dangerously disastrous and cost her that faithfully frail, little light?

Other Relevant Information: Frail is a being of potent powers. What Fortune has bestowed upon her may be a curse to those she encounters.

You have been warned.

XP: (5 Converted XP)
Conditions: None
Tilts: None


“I’ve never had friends, only acquired acquaintances and fair foes. If I were to find them in the next few years, months, weeks or days, I would not question their absence.

I will welcome them into my life and save them from The Darkness, regardless be it my fate or theirs." -Frail Lumina

Not much is known about Frail’s early life. She was abandoned by her own family — they’ve longed to do that; so the money was just the slight shove they needed to make it happen.

Frail was, of course, devastated when it happened. From living in a safe house, — a place she once called home — she quickly became a lost soul.

Lost not because of not knowing who she was, but because her family despised who she was.

Alone and forsaken in a weary world, Fortune itself found the lost girl.

Upon seeing what had happened, it gave her a gift so rare, one no mortal thought could ever be taken… only gained: Luck.

And so on that day forth, she received The Gift of Fortune.

But there was a sign. Something unmistakeable, unshakeable and unfathomable began to exist.

The Forces of The Magnificent and The Malevolent shifted in her very presence.

Wherever she went, whatever she did and whoever she met, she had the power to flourish Fate itself. But to what degree she’ll soon know.

And as Mysterious Misfortunes continue to follow her, so will her Light of Life continue to illuminate The Darkness.

Frail Lumina

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