Where To Now?

The Kickstarter Session: Prologue RECAP
With character XP tracking, attendance, the works


GothicPanda (Father Nick and Deegan)
JD (Kael)
Shorty (Frail)
GM Martian (Clarence, NPC)

Prologue: Chaos Is Coming

The story starts somewhere in the far distant future. Space travel has become a norm and mortals have explored the vastness of other worlds. Travel is done with ships (like the ones in Treasure Planet for reference) and ports have come in existence for exchange of goods and trade and provide various businesses and livelihood for many races from different worlds.

One of the space ports known in this galaxy is Sector 81. Pangaeic, similar to the First Earth’s tectonic plate, it held a population by the thousands, and ships of many sizes carry cargo and bring people from that port to different ports. The port has three main parts: the local taverns, docks, and the marketplace.

It was day, normal with its usual hustle and bustle, as the place came alive with routinary activities. Docks were fully ported, people coming in and out of ships from everywhere. In the midst of it all, a mysterious hooded figure coming from the marketplace made its way towards one of the local taverns. During that time, a man named Kael waited for his wife, Disori, to appear while he just got out of a ship in the docks. Meanwhile, a clergyman, Father Nick, and his servant Deegan, went in one of the taverns where the hooded figure stayed. Also, a young woman named Frail, roamed the marketplace.

The hooded figure took notice of the priest’s presence, and attempted to read his aura. The priest, however, sensed something, and noticed the hooded figure. The hooded figure gave an ominous warning for the holy man to leave, while he still had the chance.

Suddenly, screams were heard in the marketplace, and people, apparently panicked by something, were running away from the marketplace and began making their way to the docks in a rush. Kael noticed the fear in the mobs, as he realized the flow of the mob to the docks, and was swept with the incoming crowd. Frail, as she was in the marketplace, went against the flow to investigate the source of the panic. As soon as she got close enough, she spotted a massive black hole at the center of the marketplace growing at terrible rates, sucking and devouring everything in its path. Frail, realizing the danger, bolted away.

Father Nick heard the commotion outside the tavern, and looked out to see winds picking up and people running toward the docks. The hooded figure, for reasons unknown, went to the old priest and warned him again. The priest took heed and sent his man, Deegan, to look for a vessel, and Kael, who happened to be in the area, climbed on to the vessel in a desperate attempt to look for his wife, as well as hotwiring the ship.

The ships took off, but the gravity of the black hole was becoming rather massive, causing the ships to be dragged and helplessly devoured by the dark chasm. One of the ships, the one where Kael’s wife Disori was in, was taken, but not before Kael saw his wife, and the ship she was in, sucked in the vortex right before his very eyes.

Frail managed to get to the docks, and spotting the vessel that the priest, the hooded figure, and Kael were in, she took a jump and got on the ship. However, the ship was getting dragged into the vortex as well, and it seemed all was lost, when suddenly… darkness.

The group, realizing that they weren’t in the port anymore, began looking for clues and demanded answers. The hooded figure finally spoke. The hooded figure called itself Clarence, a sorcerer, and sent the ship to its own Shadow Sanctum, which took a toll in its physical form. Clarence spoke ominously, of Chaos.

“Fate, the Cosmos… the Chaos… they are imbalanced.”

“…I happen to know that the worlds as we know it, is crumbling. Chaos is taking over. We must stop it. We must strike a balance.”

The group was wary and had mixed feelings of the news given by the sorcerer. Kael was mourning for his loss, Father Nick was suspicious of the heathen magic, and Frail was quiet, but reacted slightly to the word Fate.

Clarence continued, saying that they must stop Chaos somehow. Restore order by finding anomalies in the universe, and perhaps find a way to talk to the agents of Cosmos. Father Nick suggested a trip to the Vatican Church on Earth 1. After that, Clarence returned them to the real plane, and all was seen, were stars. The port was no more.

“The chaos has receded, but it will return.” Clarence muttered ominously.

And so, reluctant and unsure, the banded individuals began to move towards Earth 1.



Kael: 1 auto for attendance, 1 Learning Curve, 1 for good roleplaying, 1 Heroism, 1 Danger = 5 XP
Nick: 1 auto for attendance, 1 Learning Curve, 1 for good roleplaying, 1 Heroism, 1 Danger, 1 Wisdom = 6 XP
Frail: 1 auto for attendance, 1 Learning Curve, 1 for good roleplaying, 1 Heroism, 1 Danger = 5 XP


Chat Log!
For Random shit purposes.

This Log is meant for playas to comment on for attendance (check ins at the portal site), possible questions, queries, violent reactions, even random memes and rants.

(I noticed that one can’t comment on other things here in this wiki site other than the Adventure Logs. And people with premium accounts can only use the Forums TTwTT)

Experience Points!
What you need to know about XP

Seeing as this is a system, there is what we call a reward system, the experience points. If you roleplay to your character’s strengths and weaknesses, you get awarded points at the end of every session. (Accumulation of points will of course be tracked and tabulated by yours truly, and I’ll have it up for you guys to keep track on.) I will note and tag you in every end of sessions and tell your point earnings and how you got them.

Experience points to dot conversion:

Attribute : 5 Experiences per dot
Merit : 5 Experience per dot
Skill : 3 Experiences per dot
Skill Specialty : 2 Experiences

Ways to earn Experience Points:

  • 1 point — Automatic. Each player gets one point for participating in an RP session.
  • 1 point — Learning Curve. Ask the roleplayer what his character learned during the current RP’s events. (I’ll make this a weekly thing, post a question or like a topic related to the RP that you guys can expound with from your character’s point of view)
  • 1 point — Roleplaying. The roleplayer did a good job of portraying his/her character, either entertainingly, appropriately, or both. If he veered too far from his character’s concept, the point might not be given. Indeed, superlative roleplaying might be worth two points.
  • 1 point — Heroism. Characters who rise to the occasion with truly heroic actions or feats of survival and sheer persistence deserve a point. Do not reward characters who act in stupid or self-destructive ways just so they can gain the accolades of the hero.
  • 1 point — Success. The characters achieved all or part of their goals for that certain RP session. (This will be evaluated per day)
  • 1 point — Danger. The characters survived against harsh odds and grave dangers. (Encounters with bosses are higher XP)
  • 1 point — Wisdom. The roleplayer, and thus his/her character, devised a brilliant plan or came up with a spontaneous solution that enabled the group to survive or succeed when it might have failed.


Martian's Basic Character Creation Guide

Hello guys. So here are the basics on making your RP character build for our RP. Since we’re implementing the dice and stat storyteller system from NwoD: GMC you’ll be needing a bit of these for your character to work in the story:

RP Character Name: (No need to explain this)
Age: (Appearance age and actual age apply here)
Mortal or Immortal: (Because stats would differ depending on your mortality status)
Character Concept: (A one sentence or phrase description of your character. Like, Mortal child speedster. Something like that)
Alignment: (Chaotic-Lawful, then Good-Evil-Neutral)
Vice: (Basically a dominant bad personality trait. Choose ONE only for now that best defines your character. List of Vices here: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/CreationViceGMC.html or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Deadly_Sins)
Virtue: (Basically a dominant good personality trait. Choose ONE only for now that best defines your character. List of Virtues here: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/CreationVirGMC.html or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Virtues)
Player Name: (That’s you)
RP Chronicle: Where To Now?
Group/Campaign: The EPH Alliance xD

[Okay, things get a bit more complicated from here, so feel free to ask questions regarding this. For now I’ll try to explain it as simple as possible.]

Attributes: Okay, best way to put what attributes are is that, they are basically innate abilities every individual has. Where you think your character would excel or be good at naturally depends on where you put your dots, which are points that determine the amount of dice you roll per action. (You get a free one dot in each attribute as is, plus 5 dots to Mental, 4 in Physical, and 3 in Social for investment into your RP character build. NOTE: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE 5 DOTS AT ONE ATTRIBUTE AT THIS TIME.)

Intelligence: (Finding out about things)
Wits: (Outsmarting people)
Resolve: (Thinking under pressure)

Strength: (Anything involving physical attacks)
Dexterity: (Anything involving fast or precise movement)
Stamina: (Anything involving lasting longer)

Presence: (How much attention you can gather from your audience)
Manipulation: (Sweet talking or being convincing)
Composure: (Appearing calm and cool)

For further explanation for the attributes, check this link or ask me about it. http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/CreationAt.html
Interesting facts: Attributes are also divided into three use-based categories: Power (the ability to alter one’s environment), Finesse (the ability to use power efficiently), and Resistance (the ability to cope with power being exercised upon one’s self). However, this is not to be confused with how many dots are to be placed in a certain attribute category. It’s just telling you what one attribute is capable of in general. Table of Attributes can be seen here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storytelling_System

They are learned capabilities, and there are 3 categories: MENTAL, PHYSICAL, and SOCIAL skills. (Not to be confused with attributes.) No starting free dot, but you get 11 dots for distribution and investment for Mental, 7 dots for Physical, and 4 dots for Social. No skill can start at 5 dots.

Mental Skills
Academics (School stuff)
Computer (ANYTHING using computers)
Crafts (Making ANYTHING)
Investigation (More clues, or clues are less cryptic)
Medicine (Anatomy and how to cure)
Occult (Anything about supernatural stuff)
Politics (Current events)
Science. (General Theories)
Physical Skills
Athletics (Jumping and running)
Brawl (Close Quarter Combat)
Drive (Car skills)
Firearms (Gun Skills)
Larceny (Thief Skills)
Survival (Wilderness stuff)
Stealth (Avoid being found)
Weaponry. (Melee Weapon skills)
Social Skills
Animal Ken (How to treat animals)
Empathy (Understand feelings)
Expression (Portray feelings)
Intimidation (Scare people)
Persuasion (Make people like you)
Socialize (Get info from crowds)
Streetwise (Know info from crowds)
Subterfuge. (How to lie)

Further descriptions on skills are on these links (or you can ask me about it):
Mental Skills: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/CreationSkM.html
Physical Skills: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/CreationSkP.html
Social Skills: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/CreationSkS.html

Skill Specialties: Under skills, there are specialties. You can get 3 Skill Specialties of your choice. NOTE:
You may assign each specialty however you like, whether you assign all of them to a single skill or spread them out over three different skill categories. A Skill specialty adds +1 die to rolls involving that specialty.
References to Skill Specialities can be found on the category skills links.

Now for Advantages:

Defense: The negative Modifier an opponent gets when he tries to attack a character. Lowest score of Dexterity or Wits.
Size: How big or small a character is. For size rating and reference, check this link: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/CreationSi.html
Health: Equal to your Stamina + Size scores. Damages to character will be reflected here.
Initiative: Equal to Dexterity + Composure. This is the measure of the character’s reaction time (common for encounters and combat) and turn order basis.
Willpower: Resolve + Composure. This basically points you spend for Merits. Some merits before you act on it spend a willpower. Some only need one willpower, others more. You can’t use powers from your chosen Merits if you run out of willpower. But don’t worry, willpower replenishes after every session.

Merits: Are special beneficial abilities and strengths a character may possess. They are similar in a way to Feats in d20 System games. Basically, powers. You can have as many merits as you want, noted that you only have initially 12 POINTS/DOTS to invest on shit and you have to meet prerequisites. Like example, you can’t erase a person’s memory without having mind reading first. And shit like that.
References to Merits List: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/CreationMeL.html
Psychokinesis Merits: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/GiftedMP.html
Telekinesis Merits: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/GiftedMT.html

Basically anything goes.

In addition to Merits, the RP will allow WEAPONS. Just remember to choose your primary and secondary, and make sure it meets the requirements to have said weapon in the Attribute/Skill/Merit aspect. (Like you can’t exactly wield or shoot a gun without skills in Firearms.)
Reference and list to weapons are found here: https://wodindex.wikispaces.com/Weapons

Lastly, but not the leastly, Experience/Bonus points.

Basically, after every chapter or mission accomplished, characters get points that they can add to their traits for increase of their abilities and what-not. How you use the points is up to you.


So I thought it would be great to add this little thing called CONDITIONS. It’s basically for flavor to add to your character in situations outside of combat. Getting to roleplay your chosen conditions grants you certain experience points. Examples are addiction, and being a broken individual scarred with trauma in the past. If you get to incorporate it in the scenario the character is in, that makes it a condition worthy of XP to be noted.

TILTS function in the same way as Conditions by adding layers to roleplaying, only these apply DURING COMBAT and should be called on by the roleplayer in their characters. Example, during an encounter with a monster clown, and the character has a phobia of clowns, so then the roleplayer can call on their character to be suffering from a panic attack or a dip into Insanity, which greatly affects their action rolls. Environmental conditions during a battle are noted and included here. However, both Conditions and Tilts are completely OPTIONAL. It’s up to the roleplayer whether they add these or not.
http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/CreationConGMC.html CONDITIONS
http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/cod/cod/RolePlayT.html TILTS

Okay, so here’s an empty RP Character Profile Skelly you can use to create your character! (Mind the dots for Attributes, Skills, Advantages, and Merits. Also Weapons.)

RP Character Name:
Mortal or Immortal:
Character Concept:
Player Name:
RP Chronicle:
Group/Campaign: RP Sessions

Intelligence: •
Wits: •
Resolve: •

Strength: •
Dexterity: •
Stamina: •

Presence: •
Manipulation: •
Composure: •
Mental Skills

Physical Skills

Social Skills
Animal Ken:




Character Background/Backstory:
Other Relevant Information:

Happy Roleplaying bruhs! Kindly post your character profile in the Characters area of this portal when you’re done, and yeah feel free to clarify and ask questions if you don’t understand some shit here.


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