Where To Now: Locations Visited

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Prologue: Pangaeic Space Port Sector 81



A space port that had a population by the thousands, it was where the kickstart story happened and our banded individuals witnessed the first devastating force of the Chaos.

Episode 1 (Phases 1, 2 and 3): The Holy City, Earth 1



One of the few existing cities in ruins since the abandonment of the first Earth, the Holy City is the home of the First Church, as well as its loyal servants and devotees of the faith. The Holy City is walled and domed as the Earth became unstable with its vegetation and ecosystems. The citadel where the main City Gates are placed is the only way in and out of the Holy City.

Episode 1, Phase 2: Altair’s Shack, Holy City, Earth 1


After an encounter with Soul Eaters, the group takes refuge in the home on a certain individual named Altair, who lived in the Holy City.

Where To Now: Locations Visited

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